How Can You Focus Easily What You Are Doing?

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us” J.R.R. Tolkien

Pomodoro Technique is a technique known and practiced by millions of people around the world. It is easy to implement this technique because it has straightforward rules. It consists of 25-minute full concentration and 5-minute rest periods. Decide what subject you are going to work on. Then you need to divide your topic into Pomodoros. Therefore, guess how many Pomodoros you need to finish this particular subject. One of the main reasons for the success of this technique is the idea of separate things into small pieces that can be completed more easily. In addition, it is much easier to concentrate when big things are split into small pieces.

Another point is that when doing Pomodoro, it is aimed at a full concentration; therefore distractions should be kept away from your workspace. So from the moment of start, you have to close yourself to external influences completely. It is effortless to understand why this technique works when considering that there are so many external factors that keep people from focusing on what they are doing nowadays.

The original technique contained 6 rules;

1 – Decide the task you will work

2 – Setup the Pomodoro timer to 25 minutes

3 – Start working

4 – Stop working when the bell rings and put a tick on a paper

5 – If you have fewer than 4 ticks, give a short break (3-5 minutes))

6 – When 4 ticks are completed, take a long break (15-30 minutes) and then reset the tick mark count and go back to the first step

There are a few things to consider when implementing these rules:

– Remove any documents and objects that may distract you.

-Turn off the voice and notification of your phone. You can return to the callers in the moment of rest.

– The concentration drops when you try to study in bed or couch. So, if it is possible always prefer to work at a table.

-Don’t eat or drink anything (except water) when you are doing a Pomodoro. The activation of the digestive system has a negative impact on concentration.

-To maximize your concentration do your Pomodoro at a specific corner. Your mind will be used to this routine and will focus on working right at the moment you sit on the table.

-When you take a break, just relax. Focus on working while working, focus on resting while resting.

After the Pomodoro technique getting popular, new versions appeared. As a medical doctor, I need to work a lot. I figured out that 25 minutes was a very short period for me. Therefore, I have decided to use the modified version that contains 50 minutes of work, 10 minutes of rest. If you have a concentration problem, try the 25-minute original Pomodoro, if you do not, then you can try the longer Pomodoro. After about 2 hours of full concentration, you may think about giving longer breaks. This technique will help to use time effectively and do much work in a short period. Try Pomodoro, implement it in your life and please share your impressions with me.











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