Don’t be afraid of being criticized

Human beings are vulnerable by nature and get hurt easily. They don’t like being rejected or criticized. That’s why people usually don’t want feedback. However, getting feedback is critical both in our personal development and in our business life. In order to realize the areas that we can develop, we need interpretations from another point of view.

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Understanding The Opposite Gender

“First of all, we must be aware that the two sexes are very different,” says John Gray, in his successful Book, “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus”. However, what are the typical differences between the two genders?
Note: This article was written by the influence of this book and focus on a very limited part of the book.

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The Way To A Meaningful Life: Feelings

Time is flowing so fast that we have difficulties to catch up with the speed of the day. It is essential to give ourselves time for sharing our feelings somehow. Unfortunately, we are doing the opposite, and we are ignoring the need for transferring emotional meaning. Therefore the misery, the depression has increased.

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