The Way To A Meaningful Life: Feelings

“Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is.”  Albert Camus

Every human, tries to make sense of his/her life, wants to find new things, wants to experience new experiences, wants to be important, wants to live a valuable life, wants to be remembered, etc. etc. In the light of these feelings and wishes, the human being has not stopped for centuries and has lived a life in motion and has come to these days with so many successes. All changes that an ancient person experienced in a whole lifetime, currently can occur only within some months. In today’s world, life becomes extremely fast that the sense of change has become ordinary. As a result of this situation, people have difficulty perceiving the meaning in life. Therefore, the number of people who could not feel themselves belonging to a particular place, who could not make sense of the way they were perpetuating their lives, and who fell into the void, has increased day by day in every society.

An Austrian psychiatrist, Dr.Viktor Frankl believed that there were three ways to make life meaningful, (that I have shared in one of my previous articles). According to Dr. Frankl, these are;

1- to produce work or to achieve a task

2- to experience something of value or to love a person

3- to develop a positive attitude towards inevitable pain

The common characteristic of these three propositions is that they reveal feelings. The production of emotions and sharing of them is vital in human life. We can even say that man is an entity that exists by creating and sharing feelings. Some people do the emotional transfer by their work. In particular, we can involve artists and scientists in this group. Master artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Shakespeare, and scientists such as Albert Einstein and Madame Curie, have transferred themselves to their work. Some people prefer to convey their feelings to others. Their interaction with other people adds meaning to their lives. If they don’t find this opportunity, they’ll feel bad. Some people find this meaning in nature by sharing their feelings with animals or plants. One of the important points here is that some people are mistaken by choosing money as a way to convey their feelings. Unfortunately, through the media, an unhealthy relationship has been created between happiness and wealth at the level that many people can fall in love with money. It should be remembered that the relationship between money and happiness often results in sadness.

The loss of money is easy, and this can result in a collapse in people trying to create happiness attached to it. Also, even if there is no loss of money, it can become a source of misery if there is no meaningful link between money and life and if money cannot contribute to life. Using the money as a tool for having a meaningful life may be a wiser choice.

Well, what if a meaningful emotional transfer can’t happen? As in today’s world, emotionally ill people begin to emerge. In today’s world, we have started to insist ignoring this need for sharing. This choice can make us unhappy, depressed, troubled people.

My suggestions to maintain emotional balance;

  • Remember that you need emotional
  • Take time for yourself to make these shares. You need time to weigh your emotions and make your sense transfers on a regular basis.
  • Accept negative emotions instead of ignoring them. It is natural for a person to feel anxiety from time to time and get into negative thoughts. These feelings will help you in looking for the meaning of life.
  • Stop seeing monetary issues as a goal for your happiness.


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